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Keegan Smith has been very busy. He brought home awards for Best Live Performance at the Portland Music Awards in 2009 and 2011, and in addition he won awards in 2009-2011 for Male Artist Of The Year. His 5th studio album, "Special Delivery" won three different categories in the World Wide Effigy Awards: Best Adult Contemporary Song ("Morning Comes"), Best Reggae Song ("Just Fine") and Best Adult Contemporary Artist. He was nominated for Best Adult Contemporary Song ("Smile") in the 2009 Hollywood Music in Media Awards and Keegan and the band walked their first red carpet at LA's famous Kodak Theater in November. The song "Smile" was also a finalist in this year's Pop and Adult Contemporary categories for the Great American Song contest.

Keegan is the charismatic front man of an extremely talented rotating group of veteran musical heavyweights, producers, and bandleaders from the Northwest's thriving music scene. His lead drummer, Tyrone Hendrix, has toured with such musical giants as Stevie Wonder and Prince, and recently appeared on Jimmy Fallon with Liv Warfield. Together with his band, Keegan creates an energetic and entertaining sound that captivates audiences of every age. Orlando Sentinel's music critic again says, “this is a band of monster players.” Portland's Willamette Week reviews the Fam saying, “[their] stuff is like musical summer” and “life's a little sunnier when listening to them.”

He has showcased with his band at many national festivals, receiving rave reviews from attending industry reps and festival organizers. Jim Abbott, music critic at Florida's Orlando Sentinel says Keegan Smith & the Fam were “a captivating surprise from the Pacific Northwest” and “the find of the festival.” Keegan was also featured in each televised pre-game show during the 2009-2010 Portland Trailblazer season.

Keegan has maintained a steady touring schedule, all while diligently working in the studio, creating new songs and licensing many of them for commercials, including international campaigns for companies such as Nike and gDiapers. Keegan has also had several songs licensed for movies, including four that appeared on the soundtrack to the movie “The Frankenstein Brothers”, released in late fall 2011. He wrote the feature song for a documentary coming out in 2015 called “Making Mankind”.

Keegan recently released his 7th album, “Half Man, Half Machine” with some of his best work yet. This newest album has received rave reviews, attracting audiences of all ages and musical tastes. Keegan is finishing up his 8th album in between tours, festivals and licensing projects.

Booking Keegan Smith & The Fam

Adjustments to line-up can vary depending on the needs of the venue/client. Keegan can come as a solo act, a 2 piece electronic DJ/MC style performance, the classic bass/guitar/drums trio, all the way up to a massive collage of drums, bass, guitars, keys, brass sections, and strings or any combination of those elements.

    Smith’s most common complete ensemble includes:
  • Keegan Smith (Guitar/Vocals)
  • Bass
  • Drums or percussion
  • Keys

Stage/Equipment Requirements

This largely depends on the venue and performance ensemble. While we prefer venues that are already equipped with a comprehensive list of sound equipment and staff to operate it, the band possesses a several flavors of full PA systems suitable for small and mid-sized venues complete with microphones, cables, amplifiers, monitors, equalizers, etc. The band has in-house engineering staff that can be provided if necessary as well.

For already equipped venues, please find more detailed information including stage plots and back line requirements in our Equipment Rider and input list and stage plot

Electronic Press Kit

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Telephone Contact

For booking and press related matters only, you may contact us by telephone at 503.793.1515 if you prefer.